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    How to write the cover text for your book

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How to write the cover text for your book

You have been writing your masterpiece for months (or years) until it is perfect. Give just as much attention to writing a kick-ass text  (a short description) for the cover text of your book. The cover text is placed on the back cover of the book. In addition to the title and cover, this is your chance to convince a potential reader that they must read this book.

What you can include?

  • What problem does the main character have or what difficulties do they have in reaching their purpose? Is there a mystery that needs to be solved? 
  • Or maybe you can talk about what makes your book special? Is it the place, time or perhaps a special character?
  • Add a number of keywords that describe your book well. Also, add keywords that you want others to use when they talk about your book.
  • If you have already received good reviews from proofreaders or the media and you have permission to post them, list them under your text. This gives your book some more credibility. 
  • Besides that, you can also add questions which the book can help answer.
  • Another important tip is to have a look at cover texts from best-selling books in your genre to get a better idea of what a cover text should look like. 
  • Lastly and most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask others for feedback. Do they find your cover text attractive enough? Would they buy your book based on the text? You can ask for feedback via your social media channels or in Facebook groups for writers.

What should you avoid?

  • Make sure you don’t give away too much information or reveal the ending of your book. Although this sounds obvious, it is is a common mistake!
  • Try to avoid clichés such as “nothing is what it seems”. 

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