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#Sweektips: Create a great story cover!

Hey Sweekers!

Read this article to learn how to create your Sweek story cover. 🙂

What makes a good cover?

The story cover image is the first impression that might either encourage or discourage your potential audience. Makes them read it or scroll past your story.  The starting point is finding an adequate and eye-catching image. Treat your story as your business product – and promote it well. A cover is like a packaging – nicely wrapped one might show that you are delivering a story of high quality. Choose the picture that will also correspond with your audience.

Below you can find 10 useful websites that are great sources of free images. Each of them has a CC license (Creative Commons Zero) under which you are also able to legally modify and distribute the photographs for your personal, as well as commercial use. They also represent high-quality and offer many categories to choose from.

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pexels
  3. PicJumbo
  4. Pixabay
  5. StockSnap
  6. Pikwizard
  7. Kaboompics
  8. Tookapic
  9. Picography
  10. BarnImages
  11. Skitterphoto

What’s next?

To create a customised cover you need more than a nice photo. For designing it, you can either use a special design software like Photoshop or look for a free site that does not require you to possess a designing experience or technical skills to create it.

Here are some examples of free tools that you can experiment with: PicMonkey, BeFunky, Canva or Pablo.

Remember: great covers should draw attention, create engagement and express the quality of the story and its content.

**Note: Don’t forget that on Sweek you can post only copyright-free images with the 1:1.5 ratio that do not exceed 2MB.

Want to read some extra tips? We prepared a few useful articles to check out:

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Do you find this article useful? What would you like our team to write about for the next week’s #sweektips?

FAQ: How to participate in #IndiaCollegeClash writing contest

What is Sweek?

Sweek is a global platform for reading, writing and sharing stories. All over the world. For free. We are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and have an international team from all over the world 🙂

Do I need to download the app?

You can use the app or the web version, it is up to you. There is slightly more functionality present on our app version currently though. For example, receiving notifications when you have a new comment on your story!

Website: https://sweek.com/
Android app: http://bit.ly/SweekforAndroid
iOS app: http://bit.ly/SweekforiOS

How do I publish a story?

Step 1: Download the Sweek app or use our website

Step 2: Create an account or log in

Step 3: Go to ‘My stories’ and then click on ‘New story’. Create a chapter and write or copy in your story.

Step 4: Publish your work and fill in the tag #IndiaCollegeClash in your Story Details (if you are using the website, do not forget to press Enter!). Finalize by ‘Publish’ – your story is now published and part of the writing contest! If you are an entry from an ambassador, put the tags specified by him/her. If you want your college to have a chance of winning the best college title, add the college abbreviation tag as well.

Where can I find all the details of the contest (word limit, deadline etc.)?


Can I participate with more than one entry?


Is poetry allowed?


Is Hindi allowed?


How do I add a tag and edit my story?

You need to add it to your Story Details (dont forget to press Enter on the website). You can either use #IndiaCollegeClash or just IndiaCollegeClash (both are fine). If you are an entry from an ambassador, put the exact tag specified by him/her.

For each contest you can edit your story as many times as you want before the deadline. To access your story: log in, go to ‘my stories’ and click on your story. To edit your story title/description, go to the 3dot menu in your Story Dashboard and click Story Basics; to edit your tags/other story details, go to the 3dot menu in your story dashboard and select Story Details

How do I know whether my story is participating in the contest or not?

If you see the tag on your story page after you searched for it, it is participating. If you are not sure, contact us and we can check it for you 🙂

How do I promote my story?

Best way is to promote your story via your own social media and network. You can also promote it in Sweek fanpage https://www.facebook.com/groups/306066656501682/ or here https://sweek.com/#/read/43452/1400000162. You can find the link to share your story when you search for your story in the search bar and click on it. Here you’ll find the share button on the story info page!

Do I get a confirmation of participating immediately?

No, but if your story is tagged, you are surely participating. However, if you’d like to know for sure you are participating, please ask us 🙂

How can I search for my story?

Current search is based on the title, description and the tag. So you can search for either of those.

What if I can’t find my story on search right away?

No worries, sometimes it can take a few minutes after publishing to become visible on all the platforms. If you still can’t find your story the next day, please contact us.

When is the deadline?

31/07, 23:59 CET

P.S.You can join the event on Facebook to get timely reminders! https://www.facebook.com/events/767759323384592/


Writing tips from the Sweek team!

Written by: the Sweek team

No matter how good you content is, it first has to be discovered on Sweek among other stories. So why not make it a bit easier for the readers? Sweek prepared a few writing tips for all the Sweek authors to make your stories even a bigger success!

Sabine: Sweek is social. This truly cannot be overstated. Talk to your readers, engage with their feedback, keep them up to date with your writing progress… Share your story on other media channels. Participate in Sweek competitions. Invite your friends to follow your stories on Sweek. In short, spread the word!

Peter Paul: TV series are popular for a reason. In the world on constant distractions and shorter attention span, weekly episodes have people hooked and interested. Why not to do the same with your book? Build reader interest, increase engagement and especially anticipation: your new chapter will be the talk of the day. Hello, new fans and more reads!

Veronika: Be active. If you upload a chapter once in half a year, it is hard to make your readers engaged. Or if the writing process is taking longer, just share that with your fanbase 😉 The more activity you get on your stories, the higher your story rank is and the easier it becomes to reach new fans.

Camelia: Learn from others. Read other Sweek stories to see what you would like to see in a story as a reader. Also, there are enough sources online that will tell you all about the writing process and how to create quality stories in terms of plot lines, character description and tone of voice.

Peter Paul: That brings us to: quality is king. So make sure you write on a topic you are interested in and put proper effort in your content. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

Marius: Books are judged by the cover. So make sure you put some effort into the story cover, filling in all your story details and sharing what the story is about in the description. Also, if you choose the right category, your story will be easier to find for interested readers.

Andrea: Ask your public for inspiration. If you are facing the writer’s block, you can always talk to your public and get input from them. They know your works and are used to your writing style, so who else can be a better source of inspiration?

Sabine: In case you are a published author, make use of possibility to put links to your website/books directly in the chapter text. If readers can’t wait to know what happens next, they can easily follow the link and get the book immediately.

Veronika: Be patient. Building an audience takes time. Even in our age of social media. Don’t give up!

Sabine: Reach out to us on Sweek. Feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you have a proposition for us. Let’s see how we can help each other!

Andres: Use the feedback from your public. Your readers will talk to you via their comments and likes. See what they enjoy, and keep them engaged by taking into consideration their input.

In our next post. we will introduce you to more writing tips from some of our Sweek authors so make sure you don’t miss our updates 😉