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March 22, 2018

UN Water of United Nations Acknowledges Sweek Writing Projects!

Written by Sweek Keeper: Chinthaka Nanayakkara

Unbelievable, huh? Check this link: UN World Water Day talks about Sweek Writing Projects You will see that I am not kidding! 🙂

Thanking Sweek in an official e-mail for its active engagement in the World Water Day campaign, UN Water of United Nations has expressed their confidence that Sweek’s “blogs and events would certainly be an inspiration to others” who are interested in the World Water Day which is due 22nd March 2018.
UN Water of United Nations further requested Sweek to “share photos from the preparations and activities” informing, “we will do our best to repost/tweet. Please make sure to include the official hashtag #WorldWaterDay so other organizations may easily find you and support you in your cause”
As one of its Brand Ambassadors, I take this opportunity to offer my heartfelt thanks to the United Nation’s World Water Day Team who promptly responded to my emails, welcoming me to “download and use all the resources available on the website, as long as following the guidelines”
This achievement would not have been possible without the kind cooperation and efficient coordination displayed by Ms. Veronika Kartovenko, Sabine van der Plas and Marta Palczewska who helped me a lot in putting up the official Sweek blog post on Water, Forest, Metrology and Happiness. Thanks very much!
Special thanks go to following Sweekers who sent me their stories with immediate effect since there was an urgent need to write them anew – owing to the fresh theme ‘NATURE FOR WATER’ ushered in by the United Nation’s World Water Day Team.

1. Arya Ashok Dixit – Heaven on Earth
2. Gigi De Grau – Water is Alive
3. Ryder Black – Epitome of Elegance, Lake Eufala
4. Olivia Werapermall – Perpetual Water Spring
5. Abhineet Agarwal – Mula River
6. Tania Mckenzie – The Source Of Life
7. John Alwinson – Colorless Honey, The Kaveri
8. Sanvedna – In Search of the Lost Springs
9. Toshiba – A Neglected Pond

Check my YouTube video that promotes these stories!
For all those enthusiastic Sweekers who are interested in my next writing project, be on the look out! Highly likely it would take place focusing on June 30th the International Asteroid day. If you are interested drop me a ‘hi’ at my well-known e-mail address – writesupp@gmail.com! Will be happy to respond!

Happy Sweeking, everyone! 🙂

Source: World Water Day Official

March 6, 2018

Submit Your Sweek Story to a New Writing Project that Focuses on Water, Forest, Meteorology and Happiness

Submit Your Sweek Story to a New Writing Project that Focuses on Water, Forest, Meteorology and Happiness!

Written by Sweek Keeper: Chinthaka Nanayakkara

The project was shared by the United Nations – World Water Day (check the link)

Hi dear Sweekers! Here is some exciting news!

As some of you guys are already aware, I organized two writing projects in January and February focusing on International Holocaust Remembrance Day and International Mother Language Day. They were very successful and won many hearts of Sweek authors and readers alike.

And I’m back with another project!

On behalf of you all, I am going to organize a big writing project during the first half of March! Even as you are reading this, I am out looking for great and exciting stories that have been written in English by you people – stories that so far eluded many enthusiastic readers and hence didn’t achieve due recognition within the Sweek community.

I will read carefully each and every story that I will receive from you and after selecting the best ones I will include it in a promotional video through Youtube! If the need arises, I will design each of you a really impressive and beautiful book cover, also!

Here are two promotional videos I did previously! This time YOU are going to be in it! Check it here and here.

In addition, your book would be promoted through my personal blog.

Here are my previous posts that you can refer in my private blogger site about the two projects I previously launched through Sweek.com!

If this project turns out to be a hit, your book will be considered to be mentioned in a Sweek’s official blog post too, be featured on Sweek’s Hall of Fame itself and also on its Social Media channels! Awesome, right?

Do you think I am kidding? See what happened in January and February!

So here is what you are going to do!

  1. Log in to Sweek
  2. Go to ‘My Stories’
  3. Select a book that you have written based on any of the following:
    • Water
    • Forest
    • Meteorology
    • Happiness
  4. Email a word document of the story to writesupp@gmail.com for careful scrutiny of the story and for editing, if needed.
  5. If possible, attach a JPEG image of the book cover too (600×900 px, less than 2MB). This is optional. Remember that the images should be free for commercial use (here are some tips how to create your story cover).


  1. Each Sweeker can submit only one story to this project.
  2. By submitting, you grant the right to the project coordinator to edit and enhance your story as deemed suitable.
  3. Because of the sheer volume of entries your emails may not be individually acknowledged. But if your story is selected you would be duly notified.
  4. The story should not exceed 2,000 words. Minimum word count is 500.
  5. No poetry is accepted. Sweek will be organizing a special contest on poetry which you will be informed through a separate post.
  6. Plagiarized content will not be tolerated.
  7. Book covers and images used to design book covers have to be free for commercial use. No misuse of copyrighted material!
  8. Only stories that were not previously published on other sites or in magazines will be accepted.
  9. All the elements need not be present in your story. Presence of one element is enough.
  10. Mentioning of a particular element as a word in a sentence is not enough. The story should ‘revolve’ around that element making it a crucial factor in the story plot.
  11. Once a certain number of stories are received, acceptance of further entries will be automatically stopped.
  12. No gifts will be awarded to the entries. But they will be considered to be featured in a promotional video and / or a blog post as decided by the project coordinator.
  13. This contest is organized by one of the Sweek Keepers and not by Sweek administration itself. Hence all disputes should be forwarded to writesupp@gmail.com
  14. Depending on the popularity of the writing project you may be asked to further develop your story.

Confused? No worries! Visit writesupport.wordpress.com and drop me a hello!

February 21, 2018

21/02: International Mother Language Day


On the Februrary 21st we celebrate the International Mother Language Day! 🤗

The idea behind it is to raise awareness about the cultural diversity, promote multilingualism and protect all the mother languages spoken around the globe. According to the UN it helps to “ensure that all youth and a substantial proportion of adults, both men and women, achieve literacy and numeracy”.

Check this YT video made by one of our Sweek Keepers to know more about the IMLD project on Sweek! For this occasion our team of Sweek Keepers published some stories to emphasise the importance of saving your mother language, tradition and cultural heritage in a globalised world.

📖 You can read all the stories for free on our platform! 📚

Recommendations from our Sweek Keeper, Chinthaka, who made this project happen.

A story about an Indian who after a long time returns from Paris to his motherland.

A Nigerian girl faces cruelty living on emigration but one day bumping into a stranger changes everything…

What is so important about your mother language? Ama, asked during a lecture, surprises everyone with her answer.

A touching story about a deaf girl whose reality changes dramatically when she discovers a power of speech.

A German-speaking author tells a story about her life experience and learning both American and British English.

A fictional story about a witness of the historical Language Movement events of 1952 and opening fire by Pakistani Authorities against the students of the University of Dhaka. R.A.Rooney dedicates it “to those who stood up and who will continue to stand up for the preservation of their mother language – disregarding the risks to their own lives”.

A story on the challenge of teaching your kids your native language while living abroad.

“This book is dedicated to those who stood up and who will continue to stand up for the preservation of their mother language – disregarding the risks to their own lives.”

“In An Unknown Land, Meeting My Own” tells a story about a girl traveling across Japan to fulfill her ambitions.

What is your mother tongue? Are you able to speak this language every day?