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The winners and finalists of the SweekStars international writing contest

We are proud to announce the winners of the very first edition of our biggest annual writing contest #SweekStars! With over 8.500 published entries submitted in 9 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, Hindi and Russian), we are delighted to present 29 prize winners and more than 500 finalists in 15 different categories. All the winners and finalists will be bundled in the special SweekStars 2017 edition and will be offered to publish their work via publish.sweek.com.

Sweek editorial team as well as over 70 jury members, comprised of writers, poets, journalists and were working day and night to ensure the best stories are chosen in their respective categories. Up to 5 finalists have been chosen in different genres, as well as in the following categories: Most Addictive Story, Most Original Story, Most Powerful Story, Best Short Story and Best Serial.

We were thrilled to see that both ‘old’ Sweekers as well as new users took on a challenge to become one of the stars of storytelling! These excellent storytellers (both previously published and aspiring authors) captured the judges’ attention for weeks. From powerful poetry and page-turner sci-fi to nerve-wracking thrillers and microstories – we promise these will be reads to remember. Combined, these stories have already been read over 170.000 times and got over 67.000 followers on Sweek!

Go to sweek.com/sweekstars to see the full list of winners per language and celebrate these stars of storytelling by reading and sharing their Sweek stories!



Announcing the winners of #IndiaCollegeClash writing competition!

Dear Sweekers,
With over 1600 stories from all over India joining our IndiaCollegeClash, the jury had a very challenging task of selecting just 10 winners.
Hereby we present to you all the winners of the contest?
Jury 1st choice award: A Heart That Lives – iAyushi
Jury 2nd choice award: इंतज़ार करना – Bhavnat360
Jury 3rd choice award: The Enchanted Letter – Dashy

Jury 4th – 10th choice:
पहली कहानी – ankur789
A Survivor’s Saga – Sagarika Khanna
बलात्कार- अमर कुमार रतन
मेरा नया बचपन – praveenchaudhary1
आज़ादी – nitanshiwrites
Isa – miss_peerless
A Lemonade Tale – Khushi Sharma
Best college award
St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
Most popular story
Bliss? Love isn’t! – VineelaAreti

Most active reader award
Preethi Sagar

Best feedback award
SidhU @sdgsudip

Best cover design award
Back At The Graveyard – Nitin Gupta

Thank you all for joining the contest and patiently waiting for the announcement!

The winners of #Unbelievabletales contest!

Julian from The Nearly Complete Guide to Writing Your Novel and the Sweek editorial team were very impressed by the creative and original entries we received for this competition! Dragons, wolves, dystopian worlds, life and death and undiscovered creatures – you name it! Without further ado, we present to you the shortlist and the winners of our UnbelievableTales contest!

Top 10 shortlisted stories:

Lana and the Wolves – E.A.Maharajah
Stay in touch with me – baileyonbway
Incomplete – Rachel Wollaston
A bewitching Hero – Crina Stanciu
Venator – the_legend_that_is
Closure by Matthew Maloney – matthatter
The beginning – Sharvari Narendra (Official)
The Eighth Day – ddonohue78
When You Studied Birds – Fiona Skye
Under Dews – Manisha Sahoo

The grand winners are…

The jury prizes:

Incomplete – Rachel Wollaston (Best English story)
Het galgenmaal – Eric van Berkel(Best Dutch story)

The crowd prize:

Past – sangrita

Thank you all for giving us the pleasure of reading these unbelievable tales! Up for a new challenge? Submit your #Goexplore story until the 10th of August and win a GoPro Hero, or €150 in cash!

Announcing the winners of #AspiringIndia contest!

Sweekers, we were extremely delighted to see the enthusiasm and excitement around our #AspiringIndia contest. This was a festival of storytelling indeed – we got to read so many moving, encouraging or simply great stories.

Now, the most anticipated moment of this week: who are the winners of #AspiringIndia contest? The jury was most impressed by… Feeling Indian by bhavikabhuwalka! Paper Boat, by Subhashree lyer, was the most popular story and also happened to be one of the jury favorites. Congratulations! We’re proud to have these amazing stories on Sweek and urge you to read them both.
Feeling Indian: https://www.sweek.com/#/read/2/1600316574
Paper Boat: https://www.sweek.com/#/read/26104/1400000162

We were also extremely happy to see so much interaction and constructive feedback on Sweek. We also present you the 3 winners of our feedback challenge!

writing contest winners

And let’s not forget about the finalists, who made it to the shortlist by blowing the jury members away with their inspiring stories!

Moonlight eyes: https://sweek.com/#/read/1/2200272318
A letter from grandma: https://sweek.com/#/read/26559/1400000162
Digital India?: https://sweek.com/#/read/25730/1400000162
Best smile ever: https://sweek.com/#/read/3/1600289071
Hope?: https://sweek.com/#/read/4/1100272988
When I see: https://sweek.com/#/read/34078/1400000162
Pandemonium of Young Hearts: https://sweek.com/#/read/1/2200308886
The dream: https://sweek.com/#/read/14/1700265076
Against all odds: https://sweek.com/#/read/13/2200347027
A new beginning: https://sweek.com/#/read/5/2000272355
Expressed through words: https://sweek.com/#/read/24/1100313608
Stoking the flames: https://sweek.com/#/read/35131/1400000162
The colours of acceptance: https://sweek.com/#/read/39/2000209689

writing contest shortlist

We hope all of you keep on writing and that you join our new ongoing competitions: #Storytellers and #UnbelievableTales!

Announcing the winners of #Tomorrow contest!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: the winners of our #Tomorrow competition! CONGRATULATIONS!
Once again it was an incredibly hard to choose the winners, but here we are:
Grand prize: Tomorrow – Theng
Best English story: The Day Tomorrow Fell in Love – Shahzoda Vareberg
Most popular story: Tudo é futuro – Blue
Best Dutch story: Als de tuin klaar is – AmyGreren
Best Portuguese story: Amanhã Talvez Seja Tarde – Cesar de Alencar
Best German story: Wenn ich morgen noch lebe… – Farbtupfer
Best Polish story: Cywilizacja 2.0 – Alpha

Thank you all for participating and sharing your stories! Keep on Sweeking and don’t forget to check out our new contests!

Annoucing the winners of ‘Write your 2017’!

Dear Sweekers!

Thank you again for your participation in the ‘Write Your 2017’ competition. It was a very tough job for the jury to choose only five stories, we had so many good ones to pick from! That’s why decided to give away a total of 8 prizes, adding 3 extra prizes of a €25 gift card each! Hereby are the winners who blew us away with their stories! 🙂

Best Story: Finding Kelly Strattan – Lexicon (English)

Most Original: Beziehungsmüll – Scilla (German)

Most Compelling: Una Historia Regalada: Brígida o La Maldición del Frío Eterno –  Lapeca (Spanish)

Best Writing Style: Insônia – Guilhermy Camargo (Portuguese)

Most Followers: Taxonomía de Una Mariposa – Ohbany (Spanish)

3 extra prizes for the runner-ups:

Runner-up: The Emotional Rollercoaster – Sharvari_Narendra (English)

Runner-up: Op de Spaanse trappen – Kaat_Smeyers (Dutch)

Runner-up: Karahindiba – vanvleesenbloed (Turkish)

Thank you once again for joining our competition! We hope you enjoyed writing as much as we enjoyed reading!

Last but not least, we wanted to let you know about our new love story competition #SWEEKLOVEhttps://blog.sweek.com/writing-competition-sweeklove/!

the Sweek team