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International Sweek Campaign: #HerStory

 Everyone should be able to be who they want to be, speak their mind and pursue their purpose in life. Yet many women from all over the world are still denied this freedom and we stand with them. We stand to inspire them to tell their story. To admire their strength. To make sure that they are not alone in this. To show the world that we seek change. To strive for equality.

International Women’s Day 2018 gives us the perfect opportunity to stand together through the power of storytelling. We invite you to write a story with a female protagonist – even if you’re male! It’s all about solidarity. From 28th of February until 15th of April, we’re collecting stories of women, their achievements, strength, obstacles, courage or just their daily lives, on Sweek, an international platform for reading, writing and sharing stories.

Your story can be on any topic, as long as it meets two rules: 1) the protagonist is female and 2) the story does not exceed 5,000 words (both prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction are allowed).

We want to encourage you to think critically about the role of women in our society, or you can simply write a story to tribute them. If you want to share your input for a better world, you can write about some of the main issues that need to be addressed nowadays:

  • Gender inequality
  • The stereotypical division of domestic labour
  • Violence against women and sexual harassment
  • The Glass Ceiling (discrimination at a workplace)
  • Image of women created by media.

These are just some examples, the topic is open! Or what about a superwoman who will change the world?

Together with our partners and ambassadors, we will put together a jury to select 10 best stories in English. They will be bundled and published via Sweek self-publishing as well as will receive a free copy of the e-book from us. Next to that, you will be able to contribute to the cause directly, as we are going to donate at least €1,00 per copy sold (e-book and paperback) to one of the global organisations supporting women. The finalists will be free to choose one non-profit to donate to (from Malala Fund, UN Women and Mama Cash).

Also, our Indian partners will publish many of these stories on their respective platforms!


Step 1: Download the Sweek app or use our website:

Website: https://sweek.com/

Android app: http://bit.ly/SweekforAndroid

iOS app: http://bit.ly/SweekforiOS

Step 2: Create an account or log in.

Step 3: Upload your story by going to ‘My stories’ and ‘Start a new story’.

Step 4: Publish your story with the tag #herstory in the tags section in Story Details.


Submissions close: 15th of April (23:59 CET)

Top 10 announcement: 24th of May


Join until 15/04/2018

All genres; poetry and prose; fiction and nonfiction

– The story can be maximum 5,000 words (can be less!)

Top 10 stories will be bundled and published via Sweek self-publishing as well as will receive a free copy of the e-book.

Global; jury members available in the following languages: English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish


This campaign is supported by organisations and people on a mission to change lives.

Partners (More partners will be added during the contest!)


  • Women’s Rights News & LGBT News



Women’s Rights News promotes, advocates and discusses a wide array of topics from global gender equality to feminism, shamming & bullying (all), body positivie, rape, rape culture, victim blamming, domestic abus eand the survivor stories, sheroes, human rights and more.

*The winning stories will be published on their pages.


Being Feminist is a vibrant forum that allows an engaged and spirited dialogue between feminists ascribing to various strands of feminism. Feminists from nations all over the world, of many races, ethnicities and ages come together to talk about the pressing and contentious issues within the women’s movement.

  • Women’s Planet


Women’s Planet is an open space where any and every woman can express, explore and share her ideas. They want to educate, empower and entertain women and are on online community and a charitable trust that wants to make the planet worth living.

  • The Art Galore


The Art Galore intends to provide people with a platform to promote the art and artists of all forms. Arts, Literature, Travel, Cinema and lot more.



Radhika Sanghani is a freelance journalist, specialising in women’s issues and writing regularly for The Telegraph, The Guardian, Grazia and Glamour. She is also the author of two novels: Virgin and Not That Easy which have been published in more than 13 countries.



Rachita Mittal –  is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, LSR. Her interdisciplinary research interests emanate from her diverse educational background ranging from fields as varied as science and international relations, and explore issues like complexities of language in diplomacy, nexus between literature and soft power etc. She occasionally writes poetry and harbors a profound interest in Indian classical dances.



Wafa Hamid – Assistant Professor in the Department of English, LSR. She is pursuing her doctoral research at the Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University on Poetics and Politics: A Study of Agha Shahid Ali’s Poetry under the supervision of Prof. G.J.V. Prasad and completed M.Phil in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, with her dissertation on Same Sex Love in the Perso-Urdu Ghazal.




Herby the shortlist of the #HerStory campaign! Well done to all the finalists! 👏

Unfortunately, not all of the submitted entries were written on the feminist topic (for example gender equality). Please remember that we always take it into consideration while judging the stories.

Also, some of the titles are marked as ‘mature content’ so please skip these if you are younger than 18 years old.

“Matryoshkas” – linaleigh

(Mature content) “The Price of Consent” – Tina Morlock

(Mature content) “My First Sexual Experience – Playing a Sexually Liberated Woman. Personal Essay.” – Yuliya Khaimovich

“The Victory” – Urvi Talaty

“How Blue is My Sapphire?” – Swatilekha Roy

“Too many” – RileyJay7

“Stranded on an Island” – Arya Ashok Dixit




– We have teams of jury members for the stories in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Turkish but you can write in any language.

– Stories should always be respectful towards everyone, regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation and race.

– Your story and your behavior during the contest should meet the Sweek community guidelines. No spamming and disrespectful comments allowed. If you break any of the community rules, your story will be disqualified and your account might get blocked.

– You need to be 13 years or older to participate. Younger participants need their parents’ permission

– There are no genre or topic restrictions. Prose and poetry. Fiction and nonfiction. But the story cannot have more than 5,000 words.

– The story does not have to be exclusive, meaning you can have it published somewhere else. Of course, the story should be yours, no plagiarism is allowed.

– Stories that have been previously published on Sweek can join the competition as well, just make sure you added the #herstory tag.

– If you do not want your story to be bundled or featured on the partner’s website – let us know. Authors in the bundle will receive a free e-book but will not receive any royalties for sold copies. The proceeds will be used to cover only a part of the competition costs and for the donation to one of the following organisations: Malala Fund, UN Women or Mama Cash.

We look forward to reading Her Story!