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    #Sweektips: Create a great story cover!

#Sweektips: Create a great story cover!

Hey Sweekers!

Read this article to learn how to create your Sweek story cover. 🙂

What makes a good cover?

The story cover image is the first impression that might either encourage or discourage your potential audience. Makes them read it or scroll past your story.  The starting point is finding an adequate and eye-catching image. Treat your story as your business product – and promote it well. A cover is like a packaging – nicely wrapped one might show that you are delivering a story of high quality. Choose the picture that will also correspond with your audience.

Below you can find 10 useful websites that are great sources of free images. Each of them has a CC license (Creative Commons Zero) under which you are also able to legally modify and distribute the photographs for your personal, as well as commercial use. They also represent high-quality and offer many categories to choose from.

  1. Unsplash
  2. Pexels
  3. PicJumbo
  4. Pixabay
  5. StockSnap
  6. Pikwizard
  7. Kaboompics
  8. Tookapic
  9. Picography
  10. BarnImages
  11. Skitterphoto

What’s next?

To create a customised cover you need more than a nice photo. For designing it, you can either use a special design software like Photoshop or look for a free site that does not require you to possess a designing experience or technical skills to create it.

Here are some examples of free tools that you can experiment with: PicMonkey, BeFunky, Canva or Pablo.

Remember: great covers should draw attention, create engagement and express the quality of the story and its content.

**Note: Don’t forget that on Sweek you can post only copyright-free images with the 1:1.5 ratio that do not exceed 2MB.

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Do you find this article useful? What would you like our team to write about for the next week’s #sweektips?

  • Mahikaa, Reply

    How to plot a perfect story? Where to begin?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, we have some tips on how to increase your readers: https://blog.sweek.com/chapter-22-some-writing-tips-from-the-sweek-team/ and on how to write good microfiction https://sweek.com/read/36993/1400000162. For more in dept information it would be best to google :)

      If you are looking for inspiration, simply check out our contests!

  • Rashmi, Reply

    how to choose title of the story. This is so confusing all the time.

    • Marta, Reply

      Dear Rashmi,

      Try something intriguing that it's linked to the plot (and can tell something about it to the reader) but at the same time still leaves a bit of mystery.

  • Ninoska Miranda, Reply

    If the image is one of my drawings, can I use it as a cover?

    • the Sweek team, Reply

      Hey Ninoska! Of course you can, we think it'd be a great way to personalize your story!

  • Corey Manuel, Reply

    How do I edit my story on the Sweek app if it’s already been published?

    • the Sweek team, Reply

      Hey Corey! To edit the title or description, you tap the options button in the upper right corner of your screen and select either edit story details or basics. To edit chapters in your story, simply open them and start editing! :)

  • Veiraviss, Reply

    I just wanted to know what is the best exact resolution of the cover picture in pixels... okay.

    • the Sweek team, Reply

      Hi Veiraviss,

      We don't have an optimal resolution, as long as the aspect ratio is 1:1.5 and the size of the image doesn't exceed 2 MB. You can read more about creating a Sweek cover here: https://blog.sweek.com/sweektips-story-cover-tells-story/ :)

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