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    Sweek writing competition: #GoExplore!

Sweek writing competition: #GoExplore!

Do you know how to put your adventures into words or have you always imagined yourself exploring the world? Write your #GoExplore story in less than 3,000 words and win a GoPro Hero camera to get your adventures on camera, or alternatively €150!

Adventures make incredible tales – from Jules Verne’s classics to the modern travel stories we see today; they allow you to explore the world through the eyes of someone else. Adventures are exciting – whether they are about travelling, summer love, extreme sports, starting a new job, an unexpected turn of the day or something breathtaking in a fantasy world your protagonist lives in.


Step 1: Download the Sweek app or use our website:

Website: https://sweek.com/ 
Android app: http://bit.ly/SweekforAndroid 
iOS app: http://bit.ly/SweekforiOS 

Step 2: Create an account or log in
Step 3: Upload your story by going to ‘My stories’ and ‘Start a new story’
Step 4: Publish your story with the tag #GoExplore in the tags section in Story Details

That’s it! Don’t forget to share with your friends and family to get more readers 😉

Read our FAQ to get answers to most of the questions you may have;)


Submissions open: 26th of June – 10th of August
Winners announcement: 31st of August


Best English story [jury]: GoPro Hero camera (or €150 in cash)
Most popular story [most followers]: GoPro Hero camera (or €150 in cash)
Best feedback x 2 [jury]: €20 cash

Top 10 English stories (shortlist): featured on Sweek for 3 weeks + digital certificate

  1. You need to be 14 years or older to participate. Younger participants need their parents’ permission.
  2. The story must be tagged #GoExplore in story details
  3. Word limit: maximum 3,000 words
  4. The story doesn’t have to be exclusive, but needs to be newly uploaded on Sweek
  5. The story is written in English, German, Dutch or Portuguese
  6. The story must be created by you. You can also write with a friend if you want to, but in case you win, the prize will be shared.
  7. The story must be submitted and finished before the deadline: 10/08/2017, 23:59 CET
  8. You can participate with multiple entries
  9. The story can be any genre, as long as it is related to the topic. It can be a combination of e.g. young adult, romance, fantasy, science fiction, crime and it can have the form of both prose and poetry.
  10. Crowd prize is determined by the number of followers (all the allowed languages are participating). The deadline for the followers count is: 29/08/17, 23:59 CET. Falsification of followers will lead to a warning, followed by immediate disqualification if the behavior continues.

We cannot wait to read about your adventures!

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#GoFeedback is open for all #GoExplore stories! Help your fellow writers get even better! The 2 best critiques will receive €20 each. How to join?

Step 1. Search for #GoExplore on Sweek and read a story
Step 2. Provide feedback/critique in a comment on the story
Step 3. Add #GoFeedback at the end of your comment so that we can find it
Step 4. You can participate as many times as you like until August 29th. You can participate even if you didn’t write a story on the topic!

Don’t hesitate to contact us via support@sweek.com for any questions!

  • Sruty, Reply

    Dear Sweek,
    What is the meaning of 'GoPro- Hero to get your adventures on camera' ??? I means, what's the exact prize ???

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, it is GoPro Hero camera :)

      • Devanshu, Reply

        Under which heading should I write "#GoExplore" ? Should I use it under "story title" or "short description" ? And in the app the max word limit is only 2000 words so what should I do ?

        • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

          Hi Devanshu, in the short description would be perfect! Your chapter shouldn't have a limit of 2000 words, could you perhaps take a screenshot and send it to support@sweek.com? Thanks!

  • Shefalika, Reply

    Dear Sweek,
    Can the story be imaginary or it has to be real? And, does the story need to be related to travel or it could be something else like achieving something?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, good questions! The story can be both imaginary and real, up to you :) And it is all about exploring, so it doesn't necessary have to be related to travel. Maybe our examples at the beginning of the post could be useful :)

  • Vaia Patta, Reply

    Can it be fanfic?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes, it can!

  • sheetal, Reply

    wooow...sound interesting more than that go pro just simply woow ..its tym to pack the bag and go for find some adventures..!!

  • Fatima, Reply

    Hey, can the story be related to exploring emotions or a new side of oneself which did not already exist....

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, sounds interesting! Sure!

  • Shaurya, Reply

    Can it be a story of exploring a city (a frenzied metropolis in my story) and describing it while having some misadventures on the way?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Sure, sounds interesting! :)

  • GillFriend, Reply

    Hello Sorry I do not see my story yet, and I wonder if we receive an email that it is submitted? thanks . I hope it was the 500 words as had to adjust something at last moment:) Called the legacy:) General fiction

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you want to know if your story is participating with the 500 word challenge (#storytellers)? If you share your username, I'll check!

  • Chumki, Reply

    Hi Team, can it be a combination of prose and poetry ?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, of course, that sounds nice!

  • Swetha s., Reply

    Hi, can the story can be about a tour around a city with some old tales and a little history??... and suppose I were to write a story about exploring castles, is that OK??... how many stories can be submitted??...

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, sounds good! You can participate with multiple entries :)

  • Chumki, Reply

    Dear Team, can you please confirm whether I have correctly tagged my story " Exploring the unexplored....." for this competition ? Also I am unable to find the link for promoting my story, kindly help.

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, it's published and tagged correctly! You can share your story with this link: https://www.sweek.com/#/read/46928/1400000162
      Do you already have the Android or iOS app? You'll get notifications when there is new interaction!

      • Chumki, Reply

        Hi, I am using the desktop version, will that be ok?

        • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

          Hi, yes, you can choose which one you want to use!

  • Purba Chakraborty, Reply

    Hey this sounds so interesting. Definitely going to participate :)

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      We're glad to hear it! Did you already check out the Sweek iOS or Android app? :)

    • Paresh Godhwani, Reply

      Hi, I live in India. Can I participate?

      • Sweek team, Reply

        Hi there, of course you can :)

  • Etheray, Reply

    It's so amazing thant Sweek organizes so many writing contests! It's such a pity I'm such a busy person..... I really hope to make time for this one!

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, you definitely should! If you have any stories that you wrote before and fit the theme - you can join with those too :)

  • Mariam Shehzad, Reply

    Is it important to be about adventure

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, not necessarily, but it has to do something with exploration ;)

  • parneet kaur, Reply

    Jolly Sweek,
    what's the minimum word limit? And do i stand a chance to present my work as a poem?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, we don't have a minimum :) And of course, poems are allowed as well

  • Bhoomi, Reply

    Can we submit more then 1 story.

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes, you can!

  • Candi Toll, Reply

    Can you enter if you live in Australia?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, of course :)

  • bhavani tejaswi, Reply

    Hello! Can it be an inspirational/ motivational story???

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes, of course :)

  • Mariam Shehzad, Reply

    Is it important that the story should be about exploring or adventure??

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, it should be about some kind of adventure. It can be moving to another city, a summer love or traveling, but it can also be something simple as adventures close by or an unexpected turn of the day :) good luck!

  • Tash, Reply

    Hi, I am from Australia. Can I enter?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, yes, you can!

  • Arjoyita Roy, Reply

    Hello, all I wanted to know is can the write-up have a pinch of irony infused in it?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Looking forward to reading it ;)

  • Kabilan G, Reply

    Hi, Can the story be like adventurous, never give up, sort of?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, sure! Sounds awesome ;)

  • Stephanie, Reply

    Can you write things you dream about

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, yes, you can! As long as there are adventures in your dreams ;)

  • amna, Reply

    I'm from Pakistan. Can I enter to the contest?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Amna, yes you can, this contest is open to all countries!

  • Chumki, Reply

    Hello Team, can you kindly confirm if my entry " The Unicorn" is correctly tagged and participating in this contest ? Thanks.

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Chumki, it's participating indeed!

  • Izuken, Reply

    Just seeing it today! Hope am not late?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, you can participate until the 10th of August!

  • Sanchita Sengupta, Reply

    But the words strength is showing 2000
    What to do?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Sanchita, hmm you should be able to write more than 2000 words in your chapter. Do you see this word limit in the 'short description' or in the chapter itself?

  • Jess, Reply

    Hey there,
    Are you allowed to participate if i am in Australia?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Jess! Yes, you're welcome to join from Australia as well, we will ship the prize worldwide.

  • vineet, Reply

    Hey can I get more than one entry

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, yes, you can participate with as many stories as you would like!

  • hunterr, Reply

    hey can I get more than one entry please

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, you can join with as many entries as you would like!

  • Michael K. Gause, Reply

    Dear Sweek, new to the platform. New question: If I share my story on social media for attention and someone wants to follow it, do they need to register at Sweek before they do so? Thanks.

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, yes, they can only follow if they have an account. We do this to make sure there is no 'cheating' with the voting process.

  • Michael K. Gause, Reply

    Dear Sweek, one more question: Would you please check to see if my story is submitted correctly for the #GoExplore competition? Thank you!

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, what's the title of your story? I see a story called 'The Sentinel', but there is no goexplore tag. You can add it by going to 'edit story details' in your story dashboard. Be sure to hit enter after you type the tag!

  • Dolly Mehta, Reply

    Hi there
    Just found out about the competition. How do I know if my story is published in the competition section? Is the tag GoExplore enough?
    Really new to this. Please guide.

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, welcome! The tag is enough indeed!

  • Radhika Vohra, Reply

    Hey! Just wanted to confirm if my story OVERCOME was correctly tagged for the contest?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, yes it is! Did you already join our group for sharing stories? https://www.facebook.com/groups/306066656501682/

  • Sanchita Sengupta, Reply

    I've already submitted my story #go explore but could u plz tell me is it participating. I cannot understand

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Sanchita, I don't see the #GoExplore tag on your story. You can go to 'my stories' and then click on your story. In the upper right corner you'll find 'edit story details'. Type the tag and hit enter :)
      Good luck!

  • sakshi pal, Reply

    can it be a sexual fantasy of the protagonist of my fictional story?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      As long as it meets our Community guidelines and is indicated as Adult contest, it should be fine

  • Leonie, Reply

    Hi! I I submitted my story (in German) with the tag #GoExplore but it doesn't appear if I search for this hashtag. Is my story participating? :)

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, what is the title of your story?

  • Bela, Reply

    Is the competition still open? Has the deadline been extended?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there,
      Unfortunately we are no longer accepting submissions to this contest. You can still join our other ongoing contests though :)

  • Div16, Reply

    I have submitted my story 'An Odyssey of the Mountain Lovers' before 23:59 on 10/08 according to CET, but exceeded the IST time from where i uploaded, can u please check if its participating?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, I cannot find a story with this exact title. Can you please give me the link to your story?

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