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    SWEEK SUMMER CHALLENGE – Are you ready?


The Sweek team is taking a break from organizing competitions this summer, so there won’t be any judged contests the coming summer months. We’re introducing the #SweekSummerChallenge so that you can keep on practising your writing skills and entertain your readers on Sweek!  We’ve got two challenges for you to join. Are you ready?

Sweek Summer Challenge

3 months | 12 weeks | 12 stories


Challenge 1

Write a short story in 6 chapters about a summer love, in any genre. To make it more difficult, try to incorporate as many of the following challenges:

  • one character is a vampire
  • it mentions the word ‘mango’
  • a dialogue where a big secret is revealed
  • a reference to a popular pop singer
  • a character with an interesting hobby
  • a missing sock

Use the hashtag: #SummerLoveStory

Challenge 2

Write 6 stories of max. 250 words of which each contains the following words:

  • Wave (#MicroWave)
  • Tea (#MicroTea)
  • Jungle (#MicroJungle)
  • Ambition (#MicroAmbition)
  • Eye (#MicroEye)
  • Hero (#MicroHero)


Feedback challenge

Read the stories of your fellow writers and let the know how much you love their stories or how they could improve their writing. Use the hashtag of the challenge + feedback (i.e: summerlovestoryfeedback) in the comments to let them know you’re supporting them!

NOTE: this is a challenge and not a contest, there is no jury and there are no prizes.

Start: 3rd of June 2019
End: 25th of August 2019

1. This a challenge, not a contest. It means Sweek won’t choose winners and there are no prizes to be won.
2. Your story should be published in accordance with the terms & conditions of Sweek.



H3: How do I create and publish a story on Sweek?
Check out our video tutorial about how to publish a story on Sweek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPP3Lsz2QkY&t=1sAfter you log in, go to ‘my stories’ and click on ‘new story’. Our platform will lead you through all the steps.

H3: How do I create a cover for my book/story?
You can check out tips on how to create a great story cover on our blog post: https://blog.sweek.com/design-book-cover/On Sweek you can upload only copyright-free images with the 1:1:5 ratio that do not exceed 2MB.

H3: Can I edit or delete my story later?
Of course, you can edit your story at any time as well as delete it. In order to do so, go to Story Dashboard (an overview of your story) and click on the 3-dot menu on top. There you have the option to edit your Story Basics or Story Details, delete your story and some other extra options. You can edit the chapter text by clicking on  that particular chapter.

H3: How can I add a tag to my story?
You need to add a tag to your Story Details (don’t forget to press Enter on the website). To edit them later, just go to the 3-dot menu in your Story Dashboard and click on Story Details. You can enter a maximum of 10 tags per story.

H3: Do I keep my author rights?
Your author rights always belong to you on Sweek, that’s why you can publish your Sweek stories elsewhere as well and you’re free to unpublish or delete a story (unless specified otherwise in terms and conditions of a particular writing contest). Do not forget to put ‘All rights reserved’ as a copyright when publishing your story.

H3: How can I promote my Sweek story?
The best way is to promote your story on our Sweek platform itself, via your own social media channels and your network. You can share your story by clicking on the Share button either from the story page, story reading screen or from the story menu. We are sure your friends and family would love to read your stories! You can also share your stories within other communities or groups on social media. There are also Sweek groups on Facebook!
When you promote your story on Sweek, be sure to do this, for example, by leaving meaningful comments on other stories. We don’t appreciate spam on our platform 😉

  • Neha Varadharajan, Reply

    So it should one word per story for challenge 2 right? Or does it mean all six words in one, all in the second and so on till it is a total of 6 stories?
    Also let me know if we need to tag the first challenge story.

    • Naomi, Reply

      Hey Neha,
      It is indeed one word per story. For the first challenge, use the hashtag #SummerLoveStory!
      Hope you're enjoying the challenge.
      Team Sweek

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