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    Sweek student writing competition!

Sweek student writing competition!

*The winners: https://blog.sweek.com/announcing-winners-indiacollegeclash-writing-competition/*

Dutch company Sweek is looking for young talented writers! Do you want to win cash prizes to cover a part of your tuition, take a weekend break from studying or treat your family to a great dinner? Start writing now and get a chance to win over ₹35,000 in cash in our student writing competiton! As long as your story is less than 3,000 words, you can write in any genre and on any topic: a thrilling mystery, a breathtaking fantasy, or an epic love story!


Step 1: You must be registered to a college in India. If you graduated any time in 2017, you can still participate ?

Step 2: Download the Sweek app or use our website

Website: https://sweek.com/

Android app: http://bit.ly/SweekforAndroid

iOS app: http://bit.ly/SweekforiOS

Step 3: Create an account or log in

Step 4: Go to ‘My stories’ and then click on ‘New story’. Create a chapter and write or copy in your story.
Step 5: Publish your work and fill in the tag #IndiaCollegeClash in your story details.  Finalize by ‘Publish’ – your story is now published and part of the writing contest! If you would like your college to win the best college award (so not mandatory!), put the abbreviation of your college in the tags section, or write the university and college full name in the short description of your story.

  1. Your story needs to be written in English or Hindi
  2. The story must be tagged #IndiaCollegeClash in the story details
  3. Word limit: maximum 3,000 words
  4. The story doesn’t have to be new or exclusive (so it can be a story from an existing blog for instance), but needs to be newly uploaded on Sweek
  5. The story must be created by you
  6. The story must be submitted and finished before the deadline: 31/07/17, 23:59
  7. You can participate with multiple entries
  8. It can be a combination of e.g. young adult, romance, fantasy, science fiction, crime and it can have the form of both prose and poetry

Jury prizes
Jury 1st choice award: ₹10,000 cash + printed certificate
Jury 2nd choice award: ₹5,000 cash + printed certificate
Jury 3rd choice award: ₹2,500 cash + printed certificate
Jury 4th – 10th choice: printed certificate
Best college award: ₹5,000 cash + all entries get a printed participation certificate

Community prizes
Most popular story award: ₹5,000 cash
Most active reader award: ₹2,500 cash
Best feedback award: ₹2,500 cash
Best cover design award: ₹2,500 cash
Predict the winner award: ₹2,500 cash

*Find the rules regarding the prizes below

Participation: June 20th – July 31st
Winner announcement: August 22nd

Good luck! For any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact us via support@sweek.com. Sweek is based in the Netherlands, Europe.



Your story will be read by these expert jury members and the Sweek editorial team.

Pragya Sharma is a blogger, book reviewer, and clinical psychologist. Find out more via ReviewingShelf.

Avnika Gupta is a Spoken Word Artist and street theater artist. Check out her Facebook page!

We’re sure you don’t want to miss the deadline, so join the Facebook event to get timely reminders!

Although any student and literary club can join for this contest, our official partners are great literary clubs who help us make this competition possible. Introducing:

Literary Committee, LNMIIT. Visit them on Facebook!
KalamKaar: the Literary Society of DDUC. Check them out on Facebook!
Literary & Debating Club | NIT Calicut. Follow them on Facebook!
University Debating & Literary Club – AMU. Read more on Facebook!


Best college award goes to the college with the highest total score. The score is based on number of entries multiplied by the average score of the stories on a scale of 1 to 5, given by the jury. If the college has a literary club, they will be awarded the prize. If not, the college will be contacted.

Most popular story award goes to the story with the highest number of followers. The deadline for the followers count is: 15/08/17, 23:59. Falsification of followers will lead to a warning, followed by immediate disqualification if the behavior continues.

Most active reader award goes to the reader that gave the most likes, follows and comments on any Sweek story. Be sure to add #IndiaCollegeClash in your profile ‘about’ section to let us know you want to participate. You don’t need to have written a story yourself to participate. The deadline for the activity count is 15/08/17, 23:59

Best feedback award goes to person who gave the most useful feedback to a story that participates in the #IndiaCollegeClash competition. Simply add #IndiaCollegeClash to the end of your comment to have the jury read your comment. You don’t need to have written a story yourself to participate. The deadline for writing your comment is 15/08/17, 23:59.

Best cover design award goes to the most beautiful and original cover. For participation you need to upload the cover on Instagram and add in description #indiacollegeclash and tag @sweekstories. The winner will be selected by the Sweek team together with the Sweek Keepers.

* The cash amount will be transferred via paypal or to a bank account with a valid IBAN and BIC code. The transfer fee will be paid by Sweek, but is not responsible for the conversion rate from Euro to a local currency the receiving bank uses. In case of non-availability of either, a gift card to a webshop can be considered. The printed certificates for the top 10 will be personalized and sent to their home address. The certificates for the college award will be sent to one address of the literary society or university and are not personalized.


  • Mahikaa, Reply

    what is the age group for this competition?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, there's no age group. If you're enrolled in a college / university in 2017 - you're fine!

  • shreeka, Reply

    is there any word limit???

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes, it is 3000 words. Please refer to the rules for all the relevant info :)

  • Yash Shrivastava, Reply

    I've already published the story on sweek ,which I want to send for the competition.What should I do?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, you need to tag your story with the correct tag in the Tags section in Story details. In that way we know that it belongs to that particular contest.

  • Sunit Kumar Chattoraj, Reply

    Hi Sweek team! I passed from college in 2016. Am I still eligible?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, unfortunately not, but you can participate with for example #GoExplore: https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/

    • neha pal, Reply

      I'm postgraduate can I participated .

      • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

        Hi! If you graduated in 2017 you can still participate. Otherwise, be sure to check out our other competition: https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/

  • Emerald, Reply

    Hi, is it necessary to tag the name of our college in the tags section.

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, you can, but don't have too. Just be sure to use #IndiaCollegeClash!

  • Emerald, Reply

    Is it necesaary to tag our college or just tagging #IndiaCollegeClash is enough to participate in the competition

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, you can also join without mentioning your college. Good luck!

  • Sunidhi tiwari, Reply

    Hi , i had not taken admission int any college yet but would certainly join one before mid August.Can i participate?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, if you think you have a proof of enrollment when we choose the winners mid August, you can join already :)

  • Megha shakya, Reply

    What about the students of school of open learning (DU).......can they also

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, I see it's part of the University of Delhi, so yes, that's allowed too :)

  • Soumya Sen, Reply

    Can we write psychotic/gore fiction?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Soumya, all genres are allowed!

  • Ayushi, Reply

    Can students of class 11 & 12 participate?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Ayushi, this one is only for students of colleges/universities. We also have competitions open to anyone: https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/

  • Rukhsar, Reply

    Hey wanted to know if only poems are allowed?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes, they are!

  • Aarav, Reply

    I have just passed from college...can I participate?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      If youare a graduate of 2017, you can join :)

  • Pragati, Reply

    Hi there, would you please tell me that a child studying in 12th class can participate or not?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Pragati, it's only for students in universities/colleges. There are also competitions that are open to anyone, such as this one: https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/

  • Rohit, Reply

    hey there I can't sign up in by website .. ? can you help me or suggest me how can I sign up in ur website

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, you need to click on the sign up and then either sign up via email or facebook :

  • Sneha, Reply

    Hi. I noticed that it has been mentioned that if I'm graduating anytime in 2k17 , I can participate. I've written my final semester exams and I'm awaiting my results. I can still participate, right? And in such cases, the college name has to be written too, if I'm not wrong?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, you can indeed! If you want your college to participate in Best College award, then indeed you should write the name

  • deeksha, Reply

    hi i m doing graduation through correspondence.
    can i participte?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Deeksha, I'm not sure what you mean with 'through correspondence', but if you're enrolled in a university or college any time in 2017, you can participate!

  • Harshita, Reply

    Hi, sweek team. What must be the theme of cover design ? Is it like a magazine cover page ?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, it should be the cover for the story you wrote for #IndiaCollegeClash. So, it's a bit like a book cover! But of course, if it looks like a magazine cover, that's fine too ;)

  • poonam, Reply

    I am a last year student of graduation.. So can a participate in this competition???

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Poonam, if you graduated in 2017 or if you're still studying, you can participate! If you you graduated some years before, you can participate with our other writing contests: https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/

  • Vsxn, Reply

    Me and my friend both are intrested in your event , and we both enrolled in 2016 in college . shall we also participate .

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, if you started studying in 2016, yes, you can participate!

  • arush, Reply

    Query about the cover page . What to do in that i mean is their any particular title on which we have to make the cover page or we can create on any title (e.g the bet , citylights)

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      It's the cover design that you use for your own story. Or do you mean you would like to make a cover design without writing a story?

  • Nupur, Reply

    I am in school can i participate please

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Nupur, if your school is a college/university - then yes. If not, you can also participate in our other writing competition: https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/

  • rakhshinda akhtar, Reply

    I m in school working under amu . so can I participate in a week.

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, if it's the university that's called AMU, then yes! You can still participate until the 31st of July.

  • Saurabh Bijalwan., Reply

    Can I participate with more than one entry? A story and a poem, in case it is possible.

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Saurabh, you can participate with as many entries as you like! Both poetry and prose are allowed :)

  • Anam Tariq, Reply

    I joined college in 2016. So can I participate? Can we send poems if not stories?Can we send more than one poem?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, that sounds good! Yes, you can send both poems and stories, and you can send as many as you would like!

  • Ananyaa Bhowmik, Reply

    Is this only for graduate students? I completed my Masters this year from Jadavpur University. Can I still participate?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      If you have an enrollment for any month in 2017, you can participate! And congratulations ;)

      • Ananyaa Bhowmik, Reply

        Thank you :D

  • akanksha chaudhary, Reply

    I have graduated in 2015 m i elligible for this competition or not.

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, unfortunately not, but you can check our other 2 contests which are open to everyone: https://blog.sweek.com/microfiction-challenge-microcoffee/ and https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/

  • Aditya, Reply

    One of my friend wants to participate. She is currently doing her master's in dental. She enrolled this year. Is she eligible to participate?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there,
      Yes, she is :)

  • Nirali, Reply

    Hi.. i have given my final year exams in April 2017 but the results are not yet out.. m i eligible to participate in this contest?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes, you are!

      • Nazia, Reply

        It means i can take part in it bcz i m in 2 nd yr

        • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

          Hi, if you're in the 2nd year of college you can participate indeed!

  • Nazia, Reply

    Sir ... Please tell me about venue . where will at perform this writting competition. Or what is the process of this competition.

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Nazia, it's all online, there is no venue. You can submit your story on www.sweek.com! Step-by-step: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jPP3Lsz2QkY&t=2s

  • Deepika, Reply

    Can one person write more than one story with the same ID ?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, yes, one user can participate with as many stories as he or she wants ;) on the same account

  • Manisha, Reply

    Hi. When it says "The story doesn’t have to be new or exclusive" does this include previously published stories too? Not on Sweek, but elsewhere (eg. a print anthology)

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, yes, that won't be a problem! It can be published both online or in print before.

  • Sakshi, Reply

    Hey, I graduated in 2015. Am I eligible for the said contest? If not, then any other option I can look forward to?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, unfortunately not, but you can participate with https://blog.sweek.com/sweek-writing-competition-goexplore/! The grand prize is 150 euros (+- 11,000 rupees)

  • Yash, Reply

    Can I upload more than one article??

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Yash, yes, you can participate with as many entries as you would like!

  • Kusum, Reply

    Sir, I have graduated in 2016 and doing masters now from.IGNOU ....I have already written a story to submit....plz tell me that,Am I eligible ??????

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, if you're still studying (for your masters) you can join the competition!

  • Kaavya, Reply

    How will we know if the jury has actually read our story?
    (Sorry for the weird question.)

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Kaavya, you can't see who read your story (that's anonymized). However, I can guarantee we make sure all participating stories get reviewed by the jury! We collect all entries in a file and juries indicate when they've read and judged the story. Hope this answers your question!

  • Kaxan Rawal, Reply

    Hey I just enrolled in college in 2016. Am I eligible to participate in this competition?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes you are :)

  • Arpita Mazumdar, Reply

    I am a student of B.ed college.. can i participate in this competition??

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, yes!

  • Ayushi, Reply

    Hello, do the stories have to have a mandatory link to Indian culture (like having Indian names for people, places etc.)?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Ayushi, no, that's not mandatory. You can write on any topic you want!

      • Ayushi, Reply

        Thank you for the reply!

  • Manali Darekar, Reply

    I have posted a story just now, but i m not sure whether its published or not and has become part of the competition... please help

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi Manali, what's the title of your story? I can check for you! You can also check yourself btw by searching for your story in the search bar. If you click on it and it has #IndiaCollegeClash anywhere on the story page, it's participating!

      • Manali Darekar, Reply

        Hi Sabine! :) title of my story is Empower Yourself. And thanks for replying!

        • Sweek team, Reply

          It is tagged correctly!

  • Sagarika Sur, Reply

    Is it necessary to upload a cover? And if I do it, must it be an original one?

    • Sabine van der Plas, Reply

      Hi, it's not mandatory, but if you do - it must be rights free. Good luck!

  • Aindrila Pal, Reply

    Greetings!I just wanted to know if the winners will be notified by mail,when the results are announced?Or do we have to keep checking our Sweek updates?

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, the winners will be notified via email :) They will be also of course announced on all our channels

  • rashmi agnihotri, Reply

    I have participated in #IndiaCollegeClash but haven't got any participation confirmation e- mail on my gmail id like other times. Could you tell me if I am in or not.
    Story title-Isa
    my account name-miss_peerless

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there,
      You are participating, no worries :)

  • Ria, Reply

    I've posted my story after weeks of toil, but it's about a day past the deadline, would you please please please consider it? Please I promise the story is worth it.

    • Sweek team, Reply

      Hi there, the deadline was on the 31st of July.

  • Nikhat, Reply

    Are the results for the sweek india college clash are out....cuz i didn't get any mail or notification.

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, they were published on August 29. We always make the announcement on our Social Media and send the e-mail to users who got shortlisted.

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