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    Sweek flash fiction competition: #MicroLife!

Sweek flash fiction competition: #MicroLife!

Are you capable of saying a lot in a little? Welcome to the Sweek MicroFiction Challenge! Write a short story of 200 words max, incorporating the word ‘life’ and win $50 as well as get published in the Sweek Microfiction book!

In each round, you need to incorporate a given word in an original and creative way (you micro-fiction doesn’t have to be about that word, the word just needs to be somewhere in the story). The word of the 6th round is LIFE. Join now!

How to participate:

Step 1: Download the Sweek app or use our website:

Website: https://sweek.com/

Android app: http://bit.ly/SweekforAndroid

iOS app: http://bit.ly/SweekforiOS

Step 2: Create an account or log in

Step 3: Upload your story by going to ‘My stories’ and ‘Start a new story’

Step 4: Publish your story with the tag #MicroLife either in the title, description or tags section (which is a part of Story Details) and description.

That’s it! Don’t forget to share with your friends and family to get more readers!


Submission open: 22nd of November – 13th of December

Winner announcement: 20th of December


Best Microfiction: $50 + getting published in the Sweek Microfiction book

Most Popular Microfiction: $50 + getting published in the Sweek Microfiction book

Top 10 best stories (shortlist): Featured on Sweek for 3 weeks


  1. The story must be tagged with #MicroLife in order to join the contest. Word limit: maximum 200 words
  2. Variation of the word is allowed, as long as the word ‘life‘ is fully in the variation
  3. You can join any round of the challenge (so you can participate in the 6th round if you didn’t join any previous rounds)
  4. The story doesn’t have to be exclusive but needs to be newly uploaded on Sweek
  5. The story must be written in English
  6. The story must be submitted and finished before the deadline: 13/12/2017, 23:59 CET
  7. You can participate with multiple entries
  8. The story can be any genre, as long as the word ‘life’ appears in the story. It can be a combination of e.g. young adult, romance, fantasy, science fiction and crime
  9. Most Popular Story is determined by the number of followers (all the allowed languages are participating). The deadline for the count of followers is 19/12/17, 23:59 CET
  10. By entering in this competition, you give Sweek the right to publish your story in a self-published book. The author keeps all the rights. In case the author does not agree, he/she must state in the short description that Sweek cannot publish the story in print
  11. Most popular story is determined by the number of followers. Falsification of followers will lead to a warning, followed by immediate disqualification if the behavior continues. The most popular story needs to meet quality requirements determined by the Sweek team. You can only win one popularity prize as a writer.
  12. Spam comments/messages with promotion of your story (except for a special story dedicated to promotion) will result in disqualification and possible account deletion if the behavior continues.

Want to know more about our monthly MicroFiction Competition in general? Check out this blog post!



Julian Tunru
Julian Tunru is the author of the Dav Iven historical fiction series, creator of The Nearly Complete Guide to Writing Your Novel, and self-confessed semicolon enthusiast.





K. Banning Kellum
K. Banning Kellum is a life-long resident of New Orleans, LA. A documentary actor, article writer and horror author, Kellum is best known for his Hyraaq Tobit series of horror stories. A proud husband and father, Kellum credits his love of family and the haunted history of New Orleans as his source of inspiration.

  • Susi J Smith, Reply

    I'm really new to this - I think I've published a story with the MicroLife hashtag (it definitely published as a chapter). How do I know that you guys can definitely see it?/Have received it?



    • Marta, Reply

      Hey Susi!

      Could you message us via Facebook with the title as well as your username? We will check it for you. :)

  • Arya, Reply

    Hi, I am participating in this competition and I suppose I also have a chance of winning the most popular MicroTale award. However, it's already the 21st and results were to be announced on the 20th. What happened...

    • Marta, Reply

      Hey Arya!

      You should've received a congratulations e-mail. The winners are announced via our Social Media platforms, so make sure you check them on the results day.

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