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    How to organise competitions and giveaways to promote your book

How to organise competitions and giveaways to promote your book

By organising giveaways, you can generate extra reach and promotion for your book by giving one away. You can organize a giveaway in different ways: via your own Facebook or Instagram channel, or via the media or a book blogger.

Below we explain how you can easily organize a competition yourself

Firstly, people have to do something to get a chance to win your book! So decide what that will be. Do you want to raffle the book among those who have liked or responded to your message about the promotion on social media? Or should they follow your story on Sweek? Should they also tag a person (sister, niece, girlfriend, colleague, etc.) who should receive this book! In this way, followers actively think along about who would like this book. By tagging, the non-winners immediately become potential buyers!

After this, you can make a visual (for example with Canva or Photoshop) or simply use a nice photo of the book and write the accompanying text.

Here’s an example: GIVE-AWAY TIME! Miriam de Vries won # SweekStars2017 with her gripping story about sixteen-year-old Skye, who has heard a voice in her head all her life. To celebrate the publication as a paperback, we give one away. What should you do? Tag the person you think he or she should really read the story. After Monday, March 19, we will choose the lucky winner. Can’t you wait? Order the book here: http://publish.sweek.com/books/141332

Here’s another example of a successful giveaway by one of our writers who posted these images on his social media:

Finally, you choose a winner (randomly), ask for the address and send the copy. You can ask if they want to share the book on social media upon receiving it!

Another tip: Book bloggers already have a large reach of book lovers and often organize giveaways. Therefore, it would be easy to organise a giveaway in collaboration with them. You can agree on how and where the prize draw takes place and what everyone must do to have a chance and who will choose the winner. Additionally, you can also discuss whether the blogger is also writing a review.

If you stumbled upon this page but do not know how to self-publish your book with Sweek Publishing, we recommend checking out this blog post.


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