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    Writing Contest: #My2018!

Writing Contest: #My2018!

Write your 2018!

After a very successful ‘Write your 2017’ contest last year, Sweek is back with the second edition of this inspiring writing contest!

At the end of each year we take time to reflect upon our life and to make plans for the upcoming year. With a little bit of creativity you can transform your contemplations into an adventurous sci-fi story, a thrilling mystery or an epic love story. Look for inspiration around you! Already have plans for New Year’s Eve? Turn them into an exciting adventure story! Are you starting a new study soon? You might meet a handsome classmate on your first day and get tangled up in a passionate romance! Whatever your 2018 brings – let the words flow and create a story about it! Fiction or nonfiction, poetry and prose, as long as your entry is related to the upcoming year of 2018!


– Join until 06/02/2018

– All genres; poetry and prose; fiction and nonfiction

– The story can be maximum 5,000 words (can be less!)

– Grand prize $200; Best story per language: $50

– Global; participating languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, Russian


Impress our jury to win the following prizes:

Best story [international]: $200 cash
Best story per participating language: $50 cash
Best feedback per participating language: $20 (see below)
10 finalists per language: featured on Sweek for 3 weeks. All stories that have over 25 followers, will receive a special Fireworks badge on their cover! The deadline for the follower count is 6th of February (23:59 CET)

Participating languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, Russian


Submissions close: 6th of February (23:59 CET)

Winners announced: 26th of February


Step 1: Download the Sweek app or use our website:

Website: https://sweek.com/
Android app: http://bit.ly/SweekforAndroid
iOS app: http://bit.ly/SweekforiOS

Step 2: Create an account or log in

Step 3: Upload your story by going to ‘My stories’ and ‘Start a new story’

Step 4: Publish your story with the tag #My2018 in the tags section in Story Details


Read these guidelines carefully before joining this writing competition!

  • You need to be 13 years or older to participate. Younger participants need their parents’ permission
  • The story must be tagged #My2018 in story details
  • The story can’t have more than 5000 words
  • No genre restrictions. Prose and poetry. Fiction and nonfiction
  • The story needs to be newly uploaded on Sweek.
  • The story doesn’t have to be exclusive, meaning it can be published somewhere else
  • The story meets Sweek community guidelines
  • The story must be created by you. You can also write with a friend if you want to, but in case you win, the prize will be shared.
  • You can participate with multiple entries
  • You can edit your entry until the submission deadline. After the deadline, you can no longer modify anything in your story
  • You can win only one cash prize
  • Spamming on Sweek or falsification of your followers will lead to disqualification of your story with a prior warning
  • The cash prize will be transferred via Paypal  (Sweek bears the transfer costs). If the winner is based in Europe, the cash prize will be arranged via a bank transfer. In case there is no option to create a Paypal account, we can arrange the prize via a gift card or a bank transfer for which the costs are split. We’re not responsible for currency conversion rate at the time of transferring the cash prize


#My2018Feedback is open for all #My2018 stories! Help your fellow writers get even better! For each language, the Sweeker who leaves the best critique receives $20. How to join?

Step 1. Search for #My2018 on Sweek and read a story
Step 2. Provide feedback/critique in a comment on the story
Step 3. Add #My2018Feedback at the end of your comment so that we can find it
Step 4. You can participate as many times as you like until 6th of February 2018. You can participate even if you didn’t write a story on the topic!


Congratulations to these authors who made it to the top! We chose them because of the writing style, originality of the story or its unexpected ending.

Thank you to almost 500 participants (in English only) we had. Good luck in the upcoming contests!

“The Best #My2018 Story” title goes to a Russian writer, Natalia Spososbina. Kyril, the main character of “Pcyol” is a perfectionist and a workaholic. He doesn’t prioritise time with his family and struggles with finding time for his beloved ones. To somehow break out the working routine, he starts reading a blog of a photographer and adventurer. He dreams about reaching out to him and getting to know him better. Time goes by and his dreams remain to be just dreams… until Christmas comes. This day changes Kyril’s life and brings him a new resolution for 2018. The famous blogger happened to be his own brother, that he never had time for in real life, however, he spent hours scrolling through his blog.

We found this story to be very accurate in today’s world and it shows that sometimes we know so little about our own family, yet – we have time to follow strangers on Social Media…

“The Muse” by Mark Groenen was chosen to be the best one written in English. Congratulations to this Dutch writer! We really love the idea behind the story and its surrealism.
Read it here: https://sweek.com/read/119305/1400000162

We also received many comments to compete in the “Best Feedback” category. @GinaFairchild left a couple of helpful comments but the one on “Heart Attack” caught our attention.
Here’s the link to the story: https://sweek.com/read/4/1800938358


“Beyond My Wildest Imagination” – Z

“Who will miss me when I’m gone?” – PandaRi

“Midnight’s Kiss” – sofiaggasque

“A visit from the lady in a black abaya” – reiyhdah

“My 2018” – earthtomorgan

“Murder Become Her” – Tracey Domalik

“To the Paradise” – Anshul Ghiloria

“My world #My2018” – ItsAbhineetAgarwal

Once more – thank you to all the participants and congratulations to all the winners and finalists! 

  • Kazzy, Reply

    How is the MyFeedBack judged? Is it by how helpful it is, how detailed it is, how many feedback comments you make in total, etc?

    • Marta, Reply

      It will be judged based on how detailed the analysis of the story is as well as how meaningful, powerful and helpful your feedback is for a writer.

    • Thokala shreya, Reply

      I am excited to participate in this competition

      • Marta, Reply

        We are glad you will take part! :)

  • salmanAkhtar, Reply


  • Shubhra Singh, Reply

    Can I submit poem?

    • Marta, Reply


      Yes, all genres will be accepted (so both poetry and prose).

      • Nazuk Endlay, Reply

        What is topic of competition ?

        • Marta, Reply


          Your story can be about anything. The idea behind #My2018 is that you should write about anything that happened to you or might happen (e.g. your plans for the future) but it has to have some literary fiction added to it.

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, poetry or prose.

  • chinthaka, Reply

    Hi, is there a chance of getting my story published in paperback if I write a really captivating story of 5000 words? I will include a prologue, bit of poetry at the beginning of each chapter and would commit myself to it until February deadline. Honest!

    • Marta, Reply

      Hey Chinthaka,

      Unfortunately, this contest does not offer any publication.

  • Nik afifah hana, Reply

    Hi, if I am from malaysia and i want to submit my application for the competition will it still be valid?

    • Marta, Reply

      If your entry is in any of the participating languages - you can submit it. :) It is a global contest, open to everyone.

  • Analia Bentancur, Reply

    The story doesn't have to be just 1 chapter, right?

    • Marta, Reply

      No, it can be more.

  • Chandran Gupta, Reply

    Happy new years

  • atta bay, Reply


  • Anil, Reply

    Happy new year

  • Criss, Reply

    Can I join even if I am a Filipino?

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, this is a global contest open to everyone, as long as your entry will be in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, Russian. :)

  • nilly anani ubillus lacerna, Reply

    great, i want to take part

    • Marta, Reply

      Great! Good luck! :)

  • nilly anani ubillus lacerna, Reply

    tengo muchas historias y novelas cortas asi que deseo participar

  • Debanjan Karmakar, Reply

    What if someone from a different country say China, India or Japan wins the prize how will it reach to them??

    • Marta, Reply

      If you send us your e-mail address linked to your PayPal account - we will make a transfer.

      • Akshara Sri kannan, Reply

        If I don't have an account in PayPal??? How will you transfer the money???

        • Marta, Reply

          It's free of charge, you can create it with ease. This is our only way to transfer money to different parts of the world.

  • Jagtap anant, Reply

    I registered my story fwa in Mumbai in 2015(story in Marathi language) . can I participate this competition.

  • AJEET YADAV, Reply

    Very nice game

  • Ranjit singh, Reply

    Happy new year


    How win the prize

    • Marta, Reply

      You can win the prize by winning either in 'the best story' or 'the best feedback' category.

  • Raghuveer rana, Reply

    Happy new year

  • Shivam Pathak, Reply


  • Aswin, Reply

    Welcome 2018

  • Devarakonda Lokesh Kumar, Reply

    I am
    Interested to write

    • Marta, Reply

      Great! Good luck!


    Happy new year

  • Priyanshu, Reply


  • Ruchika, Reply

    Hi I want to participate ..just want to know any age limit is their...as I am 40+

    • Marta, Reply

      The contest is open to anyone who is more than 13 years old.


    i want to participate in poetry competetion

  • Yoosug, Reply

    Can I write

    • Marta, Reply

      Sure! Good luck! :)

  • Manjusha Rawat, Reply

    Thank you for your help

  • Saptarshi Chowdhury, Reply

    Which tense should I story be? Also, what are the minimum chapters which should be included?

    • Marta, Reply

      The only restriction is the limit of 5,000 words max. in terms of length. You can write as many chapters as you wish as well as use tenses which you consider to be aligned with what you want to write about and how.

  • Nad, Reply

    Hey. I'm a Malaysian and still 17 yrs old. I don't have paypal account. In case if I win, how will I get my prize? Thank you

    • Marta, Reply

      In this case, we would contact you and find a convenient solution.

  • Pradeep, Reply

    If I choose Poetry, Maximum How many words it should has???

    • Marta, Reply

      There is only one limit - 5,000 words for both poetry and prose.

  • Pradeep, Reply

    Is it possible to submit both Poetry and Prose ?? Or we should submit any one?

    • Marta, Reply

      Both genres are acceptable.

  • Kimberly Richardson, Reply

    I have several Christian poems already written (hand written). Will I be able to use these particular poems? They are all based on special events that actually happened. Are these poems suitable for submission? I Just created a blog, but I have to complete it with my poems.

    • Marta, Reply

      On Sweek we do not focus on any specific religion but if you think that your Christian poems fit the topic of #My2018, feel free to submit them. :)

  • Arbah, Reply

    Hey! How to add tag on already published story?

    • Marta, Reply

      By editing 'Story Details'. You can find this option by clicking on your story and then on 3 dots menu available on 'Story Dashboard' in the upper-right corner.

  • Nafeesa Ghazal, Reply

    How can I submit

    • Marta, Reply


      To enter, please follow the steps given below.

      Step 1: Create an account or log in
      Step 2: Upload your story by going to ‘My stories’ and ‘Start a new story’
      Step 3: Publish your story with the tag #My2018 in the tags section in Story Details

      Good luck!

      • Jeneva Black, Reply

        Is poetry an acceptable entry?

        • Marta, Reply

          Yes, you can enter either with poetry or prose.

  • Amanpreet kaur, Reply

    I want to write my story in hindi languag
    Can I??
    Can i write poems .
    I m from punjab(india)

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, you can write either prose or poetry.

      Unfortunately, this contest is not available in Hindi. You can participate in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, Russian.

  • numan, Reply


  • numan, Reply

    Sure we will do it

  • Añjàli Çhàñd, Reply

    This is Too much interested

  • Lee, Reply

    Hi! Just wondering, must the story be completed within the word limit (5000)?

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, it has to be completed.

  • Adiba imam, Reply

    How can I submit my my poem????

    • Marta, Reply

      Like a normal story, just choose 'Poetry' as a category in 'Story Details'.

  • Tushar, Reply

    Happy new year all friends for the all femeliy happy new 5

  • Shashank, Reply

    Shall I write it on my local language telegu

    • Marta, Reply

      You can submit your work only in the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, Russian.

  • Kinjal Nishar, Reply

    When results will be announced?

    • Marta, Reply

      As written in this blog post:


      Submissions close: 6th of February (23:59 CET)
      Winners announced: 26th of February

  • rashmi agnihotri, Reply

    Hey, is it necessary for the genre of the story to be adventure, sci-fi or romance? I want to write a general fiction. Is it okay?

    • Marta, Reply

      General fiction is also okay.

  • Amlan Panda, Reply

    Ok it is interesting

  • Prachi, Reply

    What is the topic of competiton

    • Marta, Reply

      You can write about anything you want. Just add a fictional layer to any of your story - it can but doesn't have to be inspired by your life.

  • Prathiksha, Reply

    Can indian students participate in these competition of age 22

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, everyone is welcomed to participate as long as the story is written in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish and Russian.

  • Sai Shrinidhi, Reply

    Can I write a story which is set on old times....like the 80s

    • Marta, Reply


      The whole idea of the contest is to write about the future, not the past. If the period of 80s inspires you - it's fine to include it in your plot, however, you must somehow link it to 2018 (maybe use retrospection?).

  • Cheyenne Poje, Reply

    So are we allowed to do anuthing, is there a fee, and if we win how would we get the money?

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, you can write about everything as long as it's aligned with 'My2018'. The contest is free of charge and you would receive the prize via PayPal.

  • Rhodes, Reply

    If your younger than thirteen, can’t you still submit a story under parent approval?

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, if your parents agree - feel free to participate. :)

  • Aman Raj, Reply

    How can I submit a poem what is the guidelines for poem

    • Marta, Reply

      Just choose a 'poetry' category as your genre and publish your poem as a normal story (just keep in mind to put it as a chapter, don't write the whole poem in a description).

  • Sayra star, Reply

    My 2018 here I start.........

  • Sayra star, Reply

    Contest admires the the writers anx appreciate it with the prize is the biggest thing

  • Rashmi Agnihotri, Reply

    Is it necessary for the story to be linked with my life? & Can I write it in third person pov?

    • Marta, Reply

      If it's related to 2018 somehow - yes, you can do it.

  • reena, Reply

    Do we need to have 25 followers? I didn't understand

    • Marta, Reply

      No, it's not necessary. However, if you have more than 25 followers, you will get a special badge that you can use for the covers and your profile picture.

  • Priyanka yadv, Reply

    Pls tell me can i write someting in hindi language

    • Marta, Reply

      Unfortunately, the languages of the contests do not include Hindi.

  • Rashmi Agnihotri, Reply

    Hey, could you please check whether my story is qualified for the competition in case of deadline.
    Story title- Violence
    My account- miss_peerless

    • Marta, Reply


      Yes, it is participating. :)

      • Rashmi Agnihotri, Reply

        Thank you 😊

  • Aseleni, Reply

    This Ms Martha is rili patient. jeez! I can't help skipping some of the questions... Guys! just read the submission guidelines twill help save Ms Martha ur stresss biko..

  • PandaRi, Reply

    Hi! I would like to know how are the stories judged? What are the criteria? Is there a jury who'll evaluate each story?
    Thank you

    • Marta, Reply


      Yes, there is a team who will be judging the stories based on the following criteria: writing style, originality and plot development of the story.

  • thanveerul hak, Reply

    how could i know the result

    • Marta, Reply

      The results will be announced today via our Social Media channels at 5pm. There will be also an e-mail sent to all the winners.

  • Aditya Allamraju, Reply

    I am Aditya from India. I have posted 2 stories for the Writing Contest: #My2018! Are the results released?
    Will the results be displayed on the official page?

    • Marta, Reply

      We always post the results on our official pages on Facebook and Instagram on a results day. On the following one you can expect e-mails to be sent to the winners and finalists. The blog post and the story with competition guidelines on Sweek will also be updated.

  • Abdul Basit, Reply

    Result is announced???

    • Marta, Reply

      Yes, they are posted on our Social Media (Facebook and Instagram). E-mails to the shortlisted authors will be sent soon as well as this post and story on Sweek will be updated.

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