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    How to organise a book presentation

How to organise a book presentation


A book presentation/reading/signing (whatever you want to call it) is a must-do in our opinion. You may only write one book in your entire life and that must be celebrated! This way you get extra (media) attention for your book, you can realize the first sales and you can also sign the books! So, how do you organise one?

Search for a location. You can organise it in a bookstore, library, café or in your own home or office. Try to get the location for free, but discuss what you do for them in return. For example, the bookstore can sell your book, and the cafe has extra customers for snacks and drinks.

Create your guest list and send invitations. Invite family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbours and local press for the book presentation. For this, also use your social media channels. Make sure you know approximately how many people will be present so that this fits in with the size of the location and the number of books you take with you to sell.

Create a program. Make sure you have a nice program of half an hour for example. Don’t make it too long so that you keep everyone’s attention. You should set aside some time for a signing session and also to talk to the press and your guests in person. Someone can introduce you – Perhaps a famous person from the region, a friend or a colleague writer who can also ask you questions about the book. You can answer questions from the audience and also talk about the book, the writing process and finish it off with a signing session.

Approach the press. A book presentation is all about attention for your new book. Send the press release about your book to the regional media (and websites interested in the theme) with the announcement of your book presentation. Also make sure to clearly state the date, location and the time.

Arrange snacks and drinks. Discuss in advance with the location how many drinks are served at your expense and how many snacks are prepared. If you keep the book presentation at your own location, make sure that someone can help you with the distribution of snacks and drinks.

Provide books. Based on the guest list, you can estimate how many books will be sold. Make sure you have enough in stock. This is a great moment to sign your books! Also, bring a pen (and a spare pen) and business cards if you have one.

Provide photos and/or video recording. Make sure that someone takes photos (and highly recommended: a video). You do not necessarily need a professional photographer. And don’t forget to post the nicest photos and video on your social networks.

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