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    How to get others to review your book (Goodreads, Blogger & Booktubers)

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How to get others to review your book (Goodreads, Blogger & Booktubers)

Book reviews are really essential for promoting your book. You can get users to give you a book review by adding your book on Goodreads. You can also contact book bloggers and booktubers who are willing to read your book and give you a review.

Reviews on Goodreads

On Goodreads, millions of people worldwide keep track of which books they want to read, are reading or have already read. It takes less than five minutes to put your own book on this website so that readers can add it to their account. This makes your book visible to other readers too! Readers can also post reviews for your book. Note: Goodreads is a website from the USA. and only refers to Amazon: so make sure you have a link to your book in the bio (the Sweek webshop or other sites where your books are available).

How do you add a book?

  1. Create an account and wait 24 hours before you can add your book. Meanwhile, you can already add your author information to your profile.
  2. Search for the title of your book via the search bar. It is probably not on Goodreads yet. You can now choose ‘Still can’t find the book? Add a new record “
  3. Enter all information and do not forget to paste the link to the shop in the description.

Reviews by book bloggers and booktubers

Reviews by book influencers can do a lot for your book! This way, your book is introduced and/or recommended to their followers. Additionally, you can always forward the review to potential readers of your book.

You can send a copy to one or more book blogger(s) for review so that they can write about your book. Ultimately, the owner of the blog decides if he or she reviews your book. However, you can significantly increase your chances by following the following step-by-step plan! We asked a number of book bloggers for their tips and preferences;) they indicated that they are reviewing books by both, Indie authors and established authors.

  1. Search for book bloggers that match the genre or theme of your book. Some read all genres, while others prefer Young Adult, Chicklit or Science Fiction.
  2. Have you made a selection? First, send an email to the bloggers asking them if they would like a copy. This way you prevent you from sending books that are not read, and the blogger does not feel guilty about that. Always address the person behind the blog personally (don’t just say “hi book blogger”). Briefly introduce yourself as an author, talk about the book and possibly why the book fits the blog. Then you ask if they would like to receive a review copy to write about. Also, add a link to your book, then they can link to it at the end of the review.
  3. Send a copy to the specified address. You can do this directly through your account in Sweek Publishing by ordering your own copy and entering a different address, or by sending one of your copies at home with a personal note for the blogger.
  4. Once the review is online, you can also share it on your own social media channels and, for example, place a link on your website. Book bloggers with Instagram often take cool photos of the books they read. Ask if you can post this photo on your own Instagram.

Some more tips:

  • You can also make an offer for an interview: many bloggers are happy to ask the author a few questions!
  • Book bloggers know many other book bloggers. If the book doesn’t suit them or they are too busy then, then they probably know another blogger who will love your book!
  • You can choose to send your first chapter so that the blogger can already read and decide if he or she wants to continue reading
  • If the blogger receives your story, then send extra information if necessary (outside the short introduction in your first mail) such as the text and other background information, that helps the blogger to write the article! A good quality image of the cover is also a nice addition to the review.
  • Ask if the blogger will post a photo of the book on social media when it arrives, then you already have your first show moment!
  • Ask the blogger if he or she wants to place the review on Goodreads and/or in the shop.

Congratulations on your book. We can’t wait for good reviews to start pouring in. If you’re looking for more ways to promote your book, click here!

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