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    Building a fanbase for your book(s) on Sweek

Building a fanbase for your book(s) on Sweek

Sweek is an open platform that allows everyone – anywhere in the world – to read, write and share stories. It’s easy, fast and completely free. Sweek makes reading and writing social: writing chapter by chapter, giving feedback and liking stories, following and sharing on social media. It is also one of the fastest growing reading and writing platforms in the world. By placing short stories, articles or (a part of) your book on Sweek you can build your own fanbase. Make sure that the quality is always good and that you attract new readers. Fans can follow your profile and your stories; this way they receive notifications when you post new work. Or an update about your published book!

  1. Create an account on Sweek and set up your profile. Provide a nice photo and bio. Also, don’t forget to place a link to your published book.
  2. Post stories. You can also participate in writing competitions – we feature the finalists and winners on our site. Provide a cover that attracts attention!
  3. Readers can find your story via the “New” list and search function. Of course, you can reach more readers by sharing your stories on social media and/or in writer groups on Facebook and by actively participating in the community on Sweek. This way you can respond (or give feedback) to stories you’ve read, start a conversation with other writers through private messages and stories that you enjoy.

Tip: place a few chapters of your book on Sweek for free. This way readers can easily get to know your work. Make sure that your story immediately becomes exciting and the readers are hooked and want to get your book!


If you want to publish your own book but don’t know how to, check out this blog post on self-publishing with Sweek!


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