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    Create your own blog or website to promote your book(s)

Create your own blog or website to promote your book(s)

With your own blog or website, it’s easier for people to find you on Google and people without social media can also follow you. You can also organize the information exactly as you want. You can either create a site via Sweek Publishing or create one yourself, whatever you prefer!


Option 1 – a website via Sweek Publishing:

This is by far the easiest option!

  1. Log in to Sweek Publishing and go to “My profiles”
  2. Select your author name and go to the “Website” section
  3. Then select “I want a Sweek website” and choose the URL
  4. Click on “Save” and then on “Go to my website”
  5. You can now post updates via ‘New blog’. We automatically put your published book (or books) on the website and show your author profile

Option 2 – Create a website yourself:

Nowadays, it is very simple to create a website yourself. There are plenty of online tutorials that explain exactly step-by-step how this works:

Make sure that the “buy now” widget is clearly visible on your site. As soon as your book is published through Sweek Publishing, we automatically create a widget code for you that you can paste on your site. Log in to Sweek Publishing, click on your book, click on Sales tools and then compile your ideal widget. You can then copy the code below.

Here’s a checklist for the content on your site:

  • The sales widget of your book
  • An author’s bio and professional photo
  • An email address or contact form for, for example, press requests
  • Do you use social media? Also, put links to your social media on your website or blog.
  • Do you have a newsletter? Make sure that people can easily register for this.
  • Content in the form of blog posts: for updates about your book, columns, short stories, your own tips & tricks as a writer, articles about your theme and more about the writer’s life!
  • Optional: a list with links to articles and reviews about your book

If you stumbled upon this page but do not know how to self-publish your book with Sweek, check out this blog post.



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