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    A Complete Guide to Book Marketing

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A Complete Guide to Book Marketing

After some happy moments and sleepless nights fuelled by a deep passion for writing, the time has come … your manuscript is finished! It’s great that you have decided to publish your book at Sweek PublishingFor many authors, the most difficult phase starts after publishing: Selling your book or book marketing as we call it.

Don’t panic, there are plenty of options and opportunities to put your book on the market. Together we ensure that your book stands out! It is especially important that you see yourself as an entrepreneur. Hoping that your book will be discovered by itself does not help. Take action! Many authors find self-promotion very annoying but you have to tell people how good your book is. However, you need good and relevant communication about your book, via the right channels. Most importantly, you have to build a bond with your readers so that they can act as ambassadors for your book!

In the blog posts linked below, we provide a detailed guide to book marketing. We explain how you can promote your book before, during and after the publication and we discuss how you can develop and deploy the right sales channels.

Write a compelling cover text

Design an attractive book cover

Proofread your book before publishing

Building a fanbase for your book(s) on social media

Building a fanbase for your book(s) on Sweek

Get others to review your book (Goodreads, bloggers & booktubers)

Organise competitions and giveaways to promote your book

Organise a book presentation/reading/signing

Create your own blog/website to promote your book(s)

All the tips we have listed in the blog posts linked above are in our opinion, the easiest (and cheapest) ways for book marketing. You can, of course, do much more, such as:

  • Business cards with your cover and contact details
  • Or other promotional material, such as a bookmark that you can hand out
  • Ads on Facebook
  • Sending a press release
  • Setting up a reading club around your book (via a Facebook group or Whatsapp)
  • Start a newsletter, for example via MailChimp (use of up to 2,000 subscribers is free!
  • Create a book trailer and place it on YouTube

Once again, congratulations on your book and we’re eagerly waiting for you to turn it into a bestseller!

Did you just stumble upon this page, but don’t know what Sweek Publishing is? With Sweek Publishing you can publish your own paperback and/or e-book for free, quickly and easily. You will receive an attractive margin for each copy sold – via bookstore or our webshop. The platform guides you through all publication steps. This way you have all the creative freedom and you can publish whenever you want! Check out this blog post to know more about how you can publish a book with Sweek Publishing.



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