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    Announcing the winners of #IndiaCollegeClash writing competition!

Announcing the winners of #IndiaCollegeClash writing competition!

Dear Sweekers,
With over 1600 stories from all over India joining our IndiaCollegeClash, the jury had a very challenging task of selecting just 10 winners.
Hereby we present to you all the winners of the contest?
Jury 1st choice award: A Heart That Lives – iAyushi
Jury 2nd choice award: इंतज़ार करना – Bhavnat360
Jury 3rd choice award: The Enchanted Letter – Dashy

Jury 4th – 10th choice:
पहली कहानी – ankur789
A Survivor’s Saga – Sagarika Khanna
बलात्कार- अमर कुमार रतन
मेरा नया बचपन – praveenchaudhary1
आज़ादी – nitanshiwrites
Isa – miss_peerless
A Lemonade Tale – Khushi Sharma
Best college award
St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata
Most popular story
Bliss? Love isn’t! – VineelaAreti

Most active reader award
Preethi Sagar

Best feedback award
SidhU @sdgsudip

Best cover design award
Back At The Graveyard – Nitin Gupta

Thank you all for joining the contest and patiently waiting for the announcement!

  • Ayushi Pandey, Reply

    WOW! Such an amazing thing to see my name (well, username) beside the Jury First Choice Award! Thanks to the entire Sweek Team. It's my first time winning in a writing competition this big, so I can hardly believe it! Although, I do have a query: I have not been contacted regarding the prize and the certificate, so I hope you're not having any trouble finding me.
    I look forward to writing more on Sweek! Thank you so much, again, It's an amazing feeling (I literally screamed into my mom's ear, I think).

    • Ayushi Pandey, Reply

      Nevermind, I've been contacted! There goes my screaming again! I'm so happy. Sweek is the best thing that happened to me this year. Thank you, again.

      • Bhavna Tripathi, Reply

        Congratulations dear!

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