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    Announcing the winners of #AspiringIndia contest!

    June 11, 2017

June 11, 2017

Announcing the winners of #AspiringIndia contest!

Sweekers, we were extremely delighted to see the enthusiasm and excitement around our #AspiringIndia contest. This was a festival of storytelling indeed – we got to read so many moving, encouraging or simply great stories.

Now, the most anticipated moment of this week: who are the winners of #AspiringIndia contest? The jury was most impressed by… Feeling Indian by bhavikabhuwalka! Paper Boat, by Subhashree lyer, was the most popular story and also happened to be one of the jury favorites. Congratulations! We’re proud to have these amazing stories on Sweek and urge you to read them both.
Feeling Indian: https://www.sweek.com/#/read/2/1600316574
Paper Boat: https://www.sweek.com/#/read/26104/1400000162

We were also extremely happy to see so much interaction and constructive feedback on Sweek. We also present you the 3 winners of our feedback challenge!

writing contest winners

And let’s not forget about the finalists, who made it to the shortlist by blowing the jury members away with their inspiring stories!

Moonlight eyes: https://sweek.com/#/read/1/2200272318
A letter from grandma: https://sweek.com/#/read/26559/1400000162
Digital India?: https://sweek.com/#/read/25730/1400000162
Best smile ever: https://sweek.com/#/read/3/1600289071
Hope?: https://sweek.com/#/read/4/1100272988
When I see: https://sweek.com/#/read/34078/1400000162
Pandemonium of Young Hearts: https://sweek.com/#/read/1/2200308886
The dream: https://sweek.com/#/read/14/1700265076
Against all odds: https://sweek.com/#/read/13/2200347027
A new beginning: https://sweek.com/#/read/5/2000272355
Expressed through words: https://sweek.com/#/read/24/1100313608
Stoking the flames: https://sweek.com/#/read/35131/1400000162
The colours of acceptance: https://sweek.com/#/read/39/2000209689

writing contest shortlist

We hope all of you keep on writing and that you join our new ongoing competitions: #Storytellers and #UnbelievableTales!


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